Hello everyone!

I’m Mau and I’m currently in Montreal living the Canadian nightmare dream. I am 25 since 2012 and will be for the foreseeable future, or until all the hopes and money I’ve put on Estée Lauder stop working… then I’ll try Botox.

I lost my way at some point and traded my dreams of being a trophy wife to become a career woman. This is a hit or miss, really. It’s mostly a hit during the weekend and a miss the rest of the time. I’m overreacting here; it’s really not that bad, especially when I toss back a few during lunchtime.

I have a few imaginary friends. I had more but they stopped talking to me. I guess our interests did not longer align.

On the plus side, I have a cat. On the flip side, it behaves like a dog. My cat is technically a ‘He’, but it hasn’t shared its pronouns with me yet. Parenthood is tough like that.

This is what you can expect of this website: a whole bunch of nothingness. It’s totally worth it, though!