Officially Unemployed

I need a rich husband.

Yes, as of yesterday, I’m officially a part of the ever-rising unemployment statistics. In other words: I FUCKING DID IT!

I’m done with school! Well, at least till I’m 26, but whatever, why ruin the moment?

The M.C. blabbered a lot about shit I couldn’t care more about, but I did catch something: You were someone different many years ago today.


College taught me how to be a functional alcoholic and a part-time pothead. College taught me to not give a shit about classes and lessons. College taught me about the importance of networking (even though I was lacking the skills – and still do – to do it right). College taught me… well, a lot of bullshit.

But it did teach me one thing: To be happy not by ass-licking others, but by being myself and not giving a fuck about them.

So, yes. After four and a half years, I can proudly say I’m not the same man I used to be.

If that’s not what college is all about, then what is?

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