The Reunion PT 1: Amsterdam

I found love in a hopeless place.

So about four weeks ago – it’s been four weeks already, OMFG! – I flew all across the Atlantic to get my tight ass to Stockholm, where I was supposed to meet up with all my drinking buddies after not seeing them in over a year and a half. Oh, yeah, I was on exchange in Rouen, France, last year, so that’s pretty much how I met them.

So anyway, I was flying on KLM from Mexico City to Paradise aka Amsterdam, and then switched flights to Stockholm. As with all the other things in my life, the flight to Stockholm was delayed, of course. So I was there, sitting in an empty room after a 10 hour flight, having slept for like 2 hours, and then God Almighty sent me a signal.

Also, by ‘Signal’ I mean incredibly hot Dutch guy. Boy, wasn’t I happy when he started walking towards me… Anyway, so we had a little chat that pretty much went like this:

I.H.D.G.: Hello, I’m doing a survey for Amsterdam’s Tourism Office. Did you stay in Amsterdam or are you just transferring?

Me: Sorry, I’m transferring… but I could stay, you know…

I.H.D.G.: *nervous laughter* Oh, really?

Oh, so asides from being incredibly hot, he’s also gay… thank you, God!

Me: Yup, not today, but let’s say, maybe in two weeks from now?

I.H.D.G.: Sounds good, call me.

Mwahahah! Of course I also answered a survey, I mean, it’s not like I was a complete stranger to that awesome city… I probably spent like 2 weekends each month for 8 months there, so I’m a living coffeeshop map.

So with that, I finally boarded the plane knowing this 2-week-long trip had started exactly the way I expected it to, and would probably end on a high note…

Note to myself: Change the fucking return flight date!

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