The Corp Ladder

Who do I need to sleep with to be promoted?

After months of dreaming of this glorious moment, I finally put my shit together and did it: I flipped my boss the finger I politely asked my boss for a promotion and a raise. Of course she, being the greedy whore caring person she is, accepted without a question.

No, actually, I’m kidding. She told me to eat shit, although she did it in a very business-like manner. At least.

Turns out it doesn’t matter just how good an employee you are, how creative, how many problems you’ve solved while the bitch my lovely boss was on vacations or fucking – no, wait. I’m lying. Judging by her mood swings, it is more than obvious that no man has ever dared enter her… or if they have, they didn’t come out alive.

Point is, I have been taking in a 12″ dildo working around-the-clock for months now and the only thing I got was a ‘No’. And what is even worse: That damn secretary became a Manager.

How the fuck did she even do that? All she does is nothing nothing. How the hell did she get a raise and I didn’t, seriously?

Well, maybe I’m biased. Maybe the CEO thinks she is a good lay has valuable managing skills which she has demonstrated while handling his dick agenda. So perhaps I just need to follow in her footsteps.

Author note: If my stalker boyfriend is by any chance reading this, please stop now.

Now I just need to figure out how my skills in bed can help me climb the corporate ladder.

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