The I In We

Turns out I like to play solo.

We’ve all watched these films where the lead actor has to choose between love and work, right? And we’ve all come out of the movies thinking ‘Well, I’m never going to get those 120 minutes of my life back’ ‘That was such a touching movie!’ and then you go and fuck a random stranger back to your lover’s arms and lie to him promise him you will always choose him no matter what.

Well, that’s bullshit.

I need to choose between my professional goals and my boyfriend, and as much as I know that he is my ticket to becoming a trophy wife The One for me, I can’t let myself down like that.

I had an epiphany a while ago. I was in the shower wanking reflecting upon life, when cum a sudden realization hit me in the face: The people around me are the only thing that matters to in

And then I got out of the shower and began applying for MBA programs abroad that can successfully lead me to my dream job.

And what does my boyfriend have to say about this?

He said: I’m not going to stop you because I know I alone am not enough to make you happy. Your happiness doesn’t come from being with me.

Well, that was very helpful, wasn’t it?

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