Crazy Little Thing Called ‘Love’

My happiness exists only inside him.

Something happened to me in the past that was really rough.

It still makes my heart ache.

Something very, very rough…

The pain, the difficulty in staying after losing something so dear.

But I am looking.

Someone that will love me because I am me.

The person just for me.


… I found him.

But that was the beginning of something even more painful.

It is painful to be next to him, though I could not do anything.

It is painful to see him go through pain.

And yet…

… it’s even more painful being unable to see him.

It’s much, much more painful not being able to meet him.

I’d disappear because I love him.

I’d part ways because I love him…

If that meant happiness for him.

What is happiness?


That is…

My happiness is right here.

My happiness exists only inside him.

Even if it’s painful, I want to be with him.

I found it.

My happiness.

This town is full of people.

Everyone falls in love with someone else…

… and is loved by someone.

All sorts of people in all sorts of places.

Among lots of people…

… he found me.

He fell in love with me.

I am here right now.

I am here together with him.

We are happy.

I am happy.

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