COVID-19 Runs In The Family

My dad caught it.

Well, it had to happen. I mean, when every report says that 70% of the people will catch it at some point, it’s not like the odds are in your favor. It’s not a matter of if you catch COVID-19, but rather when this will happen. A followup question, and perhaps, even more important, is where you will be when it happens. In the case of my dad, it so happens to be in Mexico.

He’s fucked.

Not to be dramatic, but Mexico is going to shit as I type these words. AMLO, MORENA, and their brain-dead followers are thriving while the population braces for impact. They’re not fucking ready, and instead of actually doing something about it, they decided to put money where it’s least needed under any circumstances. That is one huge problem, but it’s far from being the biggest.

It is the fucking Mexicans and their no fucks given attitude. They are still going out, partying, going to the beach, working out at the gym, etc. All of them are taunting the authorities, saying that this pandemic is not that bad or not even fucking real.

And then there are those who think it’s real, who are scared shitless, but, hey, they have faith! Obviously they’re protected against harm. Until they’re not. Such is the case of my dad.

He made such a fucking big drama out of this whole ordeal. He called me to pack my shit and move back with them. I told him he was crazy, so then he emotionally blackmailed my sister who was living in Spain. He cried and whined, and make me waste my fucking time, all because he feared my sister could catch it in Spain. It made so much more sense in his head for her to be with them. She would be safer there, he said. So she flew back.

Meanwhile, he is going around the whole fucking city, business as usual, and ignoring every warning. Wash your hands? Bitch, please. Cough into your elbow? Haha, so funny. Social distancing? What’s that?

So no one was surprised when the cuckoo clock of doom went off. Not me anyways, but apparently it was a revealing experience for my family. My dad started showing symptoms, so he self-isolated, except when he was sharing all his meals with my family or when they were watching a movie. I mean, who would have thought coronavirus did not respect family time? I thought the fucking virus knew better than to work after hours. Such a bitch move, honestly. I’m totally flabbergasted at this turn of events.

Yeah, OK. So my dad finally got tested, the test results took 4 days to arrive because that’s how well prepared Mexico is. And now that the diagnosis is confirmed he finally decided to really quarantine himself and start taking care of himself. too fucking little, too fucking late. He cannot fathom that his faith was misplaced, and is now terrified of dying. I mean, not that I want him to die, but couldn’t he just fucking realized this a bit sooner? Like, when he could have still done something about it?

Enter my mom now. She obviously took things more seriously than my dad, but did not take it that seriously that she was still sharing all her meals and free time with him. I don’t blame her that much because my dad can be a dick when my mom “overreacts”, AKA “does what she is supposed to be doing during a fucking pandemic”. She tried to make her marriage work, basically.

Of course her good intentions don’t grant her additional protection, but that’s beyond the point.

So she’s rightfully freaking out. My dad’s condition has worsen slightly, or maybe it has improved slightly. It’s hard to tell. He’s had fevers, but not extreme ones. He’s lost his appetite, which is not entirely bad because he’s overweight, but I suppose a diet is not recommended when your body is literally fighting for your life. He hasn’t had trouble breathing so far, but the coughing has worsened.

Now, of course that is worrying because he is a smoker, so his lungs are probably shit right now, and even if they’re not, they might get damaged in the process. It’s serious, basically. My mom ask a doctor – who, according to her, is really good – for advice. This guy tells her to get my dad on ivermectin asap. My mom, seeing a ray of light amidst this insanity, calls me super excited to tell me the good news.

I had to shatter her bubble.

I mean, they can prescribe her whatever they want but this medication has not been tested in humans for this specific virus. It is not even about whether it works or not, it’s about the possible side effects. I explained this to her in the clearest way possible and all she said was, ‘I have faith in it’. Well, fuck it then.

I understand she’s worried, I am worried too. I understand she feels powerless; my mom is used to finding a way every single time. I get it. But why does she and every other fucking Mexican for the matter, forego logic just to place it on something as flimsy as Faith. It’s not about winning the lottery, their lives are at stake for fuck’s sake!

Anyway, she didn’t really listen to me and I’m not going through the situation myself, I’m just someone on the phone, so whatever. At this point I don’t know which one is worse. The only thing I know is that putting all your eggs in the “imaginary friend” basket is not the greatest idea out there. It’s never been.

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