My Life’s OST: Midnight Blue

Weeaboo who? Weeaboo what?

I decided to start posting the songs that have marked me in the event that I die before sharing this knowledge. Not that posting them on a blog that no one reads will make much of a difference, but no one can’t say this girl wasn’t trying. So let’s start:

Midnight Blue by Megumi Hayashibara was one of the first songs I downloaded – illegally because I’m that old and that cheap too – back when I had started middle school. I was a fangirl of everything Japan; I grew up watching anime religiously, but without high-speed internet, my pool of shows was reduced to what I could find on TV. So not a lot. But I did get the first season of Slayers.

In finding this song, I also found out that Slayers had many more episodes and a handful of movies that I would probably never watched because I didn’t live in Japan. This thirst for watching the rest of the show matched perfectly with my desire to live an adventure that would probably only happen in that country.

I slightly projected this need to go somewhere unknown by playing Age of Empires II very early on Saturdays. Midnight Blue was my background song while I created an army of bowmen.

As expected, I was a very lonely teenager then. I didn’t have any friends. Zero. All of this became an escape to the horrors of my daily life. The song’s overall mood reflected this. The chorus expressed a longing for something that my lack of fluency in Japanese told me it was the same thing I was looking for.

Did I find it? Probably not, but it’s nice to know the feelings I had back then are no longer there when I listen to this song. Only the need for adventure and discovery remain. Good stuff.

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