The Reunion PT 4: Turku

Finns are the end of me or themselves.

No updates in a while, mea culpa. I’ve been too busy catching up with college life and all the booze that comes along with it. I can’t complain, I just wish I had more time to blog and such. Anyway…

So, we finally arrived to Turku. As I said in my previous post, I was looking thin and gorgeous as usual, and ready to meet up with Leena, Timo and other proud members of the Kännisten Clubi. For those of you not in the know, the Kännisten Clubi is like the best club ever – name means “Club of the Drunken People” in Finnish, and the annual reunions are just awesome. Health-wise, they’re probably not, but we’re in our 20’s, fuck that.

So Leena (who is, by the way, the Clubi’s President) brought many Finns with her so we could have a trial and see if they were worthy enough to be a part of the KC, and me, as the VP had to live up to the standards as well. Yup, in case you hadn’t figured it out already, I was fucking terrified. One thing is to drink with the Finns – which is already scary – and another thing is trying to outdrink them. That little voice in my head kept telling me not to, pretty damn annoying, especially because in the end I never listen to it. Yup, shit was about to go down.

So we went to this great karaoke place and started with some typical Finnish drinks: Lonkero and fisu. And after five of those damn fisu shots I was already asking for a song to sing. My lame travel friends went back to the apartment at midnight and I ended up staying with Leena and the others. God, it was so much fun! Or so the pics and videos told me the morning after.

Apparently, the only thing I vaguely recall from that night is making out with a now Kännisten Clubi member. I don’t really swing that way, but it could had been way worse, like, she was totally hot. No regrets.

On a side note: Of course I don’t remember singing La Macarena, or trying to. Leena’s Spanish was so much better than mine by then.

Next thing I know is I woke up with my shoes still on.

That morning we were going to travel to Anna‘s family cottage to spend the last days of Finnish summer in a harmonious way with nature. Yeah, that sounded great when they first told me about it. I mean, like, I have a summer house back in Mexico too, and I just love it. Yeah, it could had been great if Anna’s place had electricity or TV or someone making margaritas for you to enjoy.

OK, so maybe I’m being a bit annoying, but seriously…

… a fucking door dividing the toilet from the rest of the house would had been nice.

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