The Reunion PT 3: Cruise

How do you say ‘Bad idea’ in Swedish?

Once the crew was complete and ready to go, I realized my hardest challenge ever was just around the corner… Well, more like 15 kilometers away from the hostel but still. After listening to all the great stories and Facebook-stalking through all the pics, I was finally going to take the ferry from Sweden to Finland! Oh, the anticipation was killing me!

I was a bit afraid, I must admit, because most of those stories came from my very good Finn friend, Leena, and she would always tell me how drunk she was and all the crazy things that went around and… usually when she’s that drunk, I’m even drunker, and I end up having a huge hangover-induced remorse the day after. Yeah, that, and I also fell into the Seine a year ago for being extremely wasted, so the farther away I stayed from water bodies the better.

So apparently, when you pay for the cabin, you also get access to this great buffet which includes (Oh, Lord!) tap beer and wine. It was great how our table had ice-cream and around 40 glasses filled with beer and wine, no kidding! Buffet lasted around two hours only, but it was more than enough to do some power drinking.

Edit note: I just want you all to know that when I fell into the Seine, I was hammered purely on champagne, I sure as hell wasn’t going to jump off the ferry because of cheap tap beer.

After that, we went to the duty free shop on the ferry (alcohol is fucking expensive in Nordic countries) and we bought some Jägermeister and Red Bull – yes, it was that bad!

So after some Jägerbombs and Jäger shots and Jäger something else, we ended up running around the aisles, nearly stayed at some semi-naked Finns’ cabin (I’m so glad I didn’t because according to my camera, they weren’t really worth it), sort of passed out in the hallway and… yeah, I don’t know how I actually got into my bed.

Finally, we slept for like 1 hour, then the ferry arrived to Turku, where we had to wait for a damn cab to pick us up and take us to Anna‘s flat. I felt like I was dying all the way there, wanted to throw up, was dizzy and in a shitty mood but hey! After some hours of sleep I was fresh and feeling perfectly fine.

Unfortunately, not everyone had such good luck, (i.e. Maggie). She took a firm stance next to the toilet where she pretty much spent the whole morning, the afternoon and possibly the night too. Why do I say possibly? Well, maybe because I wasn’t there. Oh, yeah, I was looking perfect in my Dolce & Gabbana skinny jeans and ready to go out for another black out night. Because, hey! What’s Europe without alcohol?

Or the variety of bad choices that come along with it?

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