The Last Step In The MBA Process

Time to download Grindr.

After a year and a half of having terrible nightmares about the GMAT, the TOEFL, the essays and the interviews, tonight I will finally sleep soundly. Yes, after all these feelings of uncertainty and weariness, the MBA application process is over. And what is even better, I got accepted to the three schools I applied to. Yes, today is a good day.

I still don’t know which business school I’ll end up going to. Here are my options:

Emory Goizueta (Atlanta):

Pros: Top tier business school with a strong focus on marketing. Many applicants have similar career objectives and even more alumni hold positions appealing to my expectations. I can stay in the US for 12 months after the program completion to land a job and wing it from there. My boyfriend could land a job close by.

Cons: Program costs and competitive environment among classmates. Also, Atlanta doesn’t seem that great of a city.

McGill Desautels (Montreal):

Pros: Good integrated program and learning method with multiple exchange options (including ESSEC), plus I secured a nice scholarship. Max employment rate three months after graduation. Great French speaking city to live in. I can stay up to 2 years after graduation.

Cons: -41°C in winter? Seriously? Also, most companies in Canada are all about oil and gas. Not my cup of tea.

ESSEC (Paris):

Pros: Paris doesn’t need a reason, Paris is the reason. Well, that and the partnership with top luxury companies. Huge network with alumni holding top positions in many Forbes 100 companies. Also, it has the most interesting curriculum regarding my professional objectives.

Cons: Program lasts one year only. Expensive program (cost-duration wise) in a very expensive city. Strong competition among students. Job market is shitty, particularly for international candidates. Industry is very small and heavily relies on networkwing. Most international graduates end up going back to their country of origin or in one of the BRIC countries in retail positions. Uh, no. Riskiest choice for a person like me who’s looking for job opportunities abroad.

If I were to choose a program based solely on its strong points, I would definitely choose ESSEC. However, I feel like it is too big of a decision to not think about what might happen afterward. In that sense, McGill Desautels could be the safest bet, while Emory Goizueta is somewhere in between those two.

In the end I’ll end up choosing based on one thing alone:

Where the hottest single gay guys live in.

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