My Life’s OST: One More Time

Or as I know it Rouen More Time.

I remember when I listened to this song for the first time: My life had just gone to shit. Granted, it was entirely my fault. No one gets expelled from school accidentally.

The thing is, it was a period of many changes. I went from having a great group of friends and an actual social life – as much of a social life you can have at 13 – to being a pariah. So basically my life was shit. I found myself in a new school, just hitting puberty, with no friends, and with classmates who were versed in matters I had no clue about, like sex. Interestingly enough, they also knew about my sexuality, which I did not even think it existed.

On a related note: I actually had to look up all the gay slurs they threw at me since Day One. I had no idea what being a homosexual was and I didn’t even think I was one myself. Fun times.

So there I was, hating myself and my life every day, playing on my computer and watching TV as they were my only companions after dreadful school days. And that’s how I found out about Daft Punk and that amazing anime video that came out with this song. One More Time made me think of my days in elementary school, when things were better, when I was accepted.

I created better memories as I grew up, so I started associating this song with them, the best example being Rouen. Ah, all the drunken nights I had among good (and many) friends!

All in all, it’s a wistful song, one that at some point carried pain and longing for better days long gone by, but that now just reminds me of all the great moments I’ve had in my life.

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