Miss Congeniality

How I became a caring person.

So everybody knows that tons of bullshit wishes and promises come with Christmas and all the feel-good TV specials, right?

Well, I fell for it too.

So, given that I hate love everyone at work but just don’t know how to express it, I decided to become Miss Congeniality… and I even put a picture of her on WebEx. Shit had just gotten real.

Anyway, I started pretending caring for my peers and LOLing sympathizing with their numerous life problems, like: riding a bus that is too crowded or only having one can of beans to feed their entire family. Such tough lives indeed.

My boss, being the raging cunt understanding person that she is, decided to take advantage help me become a people’s person. According to her, a way of turning into an asshole developing my feelings is by doing all her work taking on new responsibilities.

I hope that bitch dies in a fire she’s right.

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